Clinical Training

I have a four pronged approach to working with people. Neuroscience is proving daily just now interconnected “attached” we are as humans and how much we truly need our secure base and safe haven with friends and loved ones in order to live a full, healthy and productive life. Attachment is the first prong of my approach and are the lenses through which I view every individual, couple, family and group. Having an outcome proven method for trauma treatment, the third prong, allows us to truly heal attachment wounds and reduce anxiety. EMDR features strong  positive outcome support, bringing us a truly powerful, evidence based practice. The third prong is coping skills. Dialectical Behavior Therapy provides fundamental skills with allow a person to manage distress, regulate emotions, and communicate effectively. All of these are interwoven with the fourth prong: mindfulness – focusing on engaging with the present as taught through the philosophy of Thick Nhat Hanh.

I am an intensively trained DBT Consultation Team member providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy/DBT, and DBT skills training to people struggling with various challenges in life including but not limited to anxiety, depression, eating disorders, substance abuse disorders, OCD, and borderline personality disorder.


Dream Tending Certificate 2, in progress, started in Feb 2024

January 2024, Acting President of the board of directors, San Diego chapter of CAMFT
(also continuing as Education Chair).

August 2023: EMDR Professional Training: First Responders and Chronic Pain

July 2023 EMDR Professional Training: Intro to EMDR Therapy and Dissociative Disorders

July 2023: EMDR Professional Training: DeTUR Urge Reduction Protocol for Addictions and Dysfunctional Behaviors–The Accelerated Adaptive Information Processing Model

March 2023, became a member of the board of directors of the San Diego chapter of CAMFT as Education Chair.
Duties: planning educational events throughout the year for SD-CAMFT.

Dream Tending Certificate 1, in progress, started in Feb 2023
Dream Tending Master Class – Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Dreams.

Understanding and Treating Moral Injury, Melanie Harned – June 2022

Six Hours on the Edge of Life, Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention Training, Therapist Development Center – June 2022

5 Ways to Expand the Clinical Dialogue in Therapy and Supervision, virtual course – July 2022

EMDR Consultant in Training, initiated March 2021, supervised by Alicia Avila, LCSW 

Internal Family Systems Training, 1 day training September 2020

The Body Keeps the Score, 2-Day training, Bessel van der Kolk, MD January 2020

DBT Mindfulness and Meditation Retreat, Cedar Koons, completed October 4-7 2019

EMDR Certified Practitioner completed June 2019

Discussions on Gender Affirmation Surgery and Beyond, WPATH training May 29-June 2 2019

Scaling Up EMDR training June, 2019 with Dr. Nacho Jerero

DBT-PE DBT for Prolonged Exposure Trauma Treatment, 4-Day Training, June 2018, taught by Dr. Melanie Harned, PhD, Cork Ireland

Somatic Experiencing, March 2.3, 2018, taught by Dr. Peter Levine, PhD

New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment, February 13/14, 2017, taught by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, PhD

ISITDBT, International Society for the Improvement and Teaching of DBT, Dec 20, 2017, taught by Various

EMDR Tool Box: AIP Methods to Treating Adult Clients with Complex PTSD and Dissociate Personality Structure, November 3-4, 2017, taught by Dr. Jim Knipe, PhD

Shhh…It’s Confidential: Confidentiality of Mental Health Under California and HIPPA Laws, October 20, 2017, taught by CAMFT Attorney David Jensen, JD

Where Pele Reigns, Jungian Sand Play Intensive, Hilo HI, July, 2017, taught by Dr. Lorainne Freedle, PhD

Gender Odyssey Conference, Professional and Family, August, 2017, taught by Various

New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment, February 13/14, 2017, taught by Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk, PhD

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, EMDR, Basic Training, completed May/September 2016, taught by Kurt Rouanzoin

Jungian Sand Play Intensive Training, completed May 2016, taught by Gita Morena, LMFT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy 10-Day Intensive Training, March/June 2015, taught by Dr. Charles Swenson, MD

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy Training, EFFT – November 2014, taught by Lisa Palmer Olsen, PsyD and staff

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Advanced Training, DBT Strategies in Action: Changing Behavior, Accepting Reality & Resolving Conflict – September 2014, taught by Dr. Charles Swenson, MD

Advanced Dialectical Behavior Therapy, DBT Skills Training – November 2012

Dialectical Behavior Therapy, DBT Skills Training – June 2012, taught by Josh Smith, LMSW, BCD

Emotionally Focused Therapy, EFT Core Skills Training – Completed 2014, taught Dr. Mark Kaupp, PsyD and staff, year long course

Emotionally Focused Therapy, EFT, Externship, taught by Sue Johnson, Ed, 4 day course, completed January 2011

Second Chance – Practicum Site – June 2010 – November 2011
A “client centered” facility providing housing, social, mental health, employment services, and job readiness training to anyone in need. In addition, the primary population served are ex-offenders both male and female seeking to rebuild their lives after some period of incarceration in prison or jail.

Alliant Couple and Family Clinic, San Diego, CA (2011-Present) Secondary practicum site allowing me to bring my own clients, collect additional remaining relational hours and to continue EFT core skills training.

Accomplishments and Affiliations

PhD, Depth Psychology with emphasis on PsychoTherapy, 
Pacifica Graduate Institute

– completed November 6, 2021

Dissertation title: An Exploration of the Lived Experience of CIS women with Transgender Partners.

Published/Dissertation topic: Chapman, D. M., & Caldwell, B. E. Attachment injury resolution in couples when one partner is trans-identified. Journal of Systemic Therapies, Vol. 31, No. 2, 2012, pp. 36–53

Certification in Emotionally Focused Therapy – in progress, Listed on ICEEFT website as EFT competent. 2014

Conducted Hold Me Tight workshop with emphasis on same sex and transgender couples. 2014

Understanding TransGender Families: Insight for Educators, Therapists, Students and the Community

•  A panel discussion event held at Alliant International University on April 29, 2011
•  Primary designer of event and also panel participant
•  Next event in planning stages target: 2012

World Professional Association for TransGender Health (WPATH), Professional member

American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT) – Clinical member

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) – Professional member

International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT) – Professional member

National Council on Family Relations (NCFR) – Member

American Psychological Association, San Diego Chapter, LGBT Committee – Member

Certified to conduct “Seeking Safety” Evidence Based Practice group therapy program for trauma and/or substance abuse

Certified to conduct “Hold Me Tight” relationship workshops utilizing EFT

Conducted “Meaning of Life” group therapy for substance abuse adapted for mindfulness/meditation, Nov. 2010


PhD, Depth Psychology with emphasis on PsychoTherapy,
Pacifica Graduate Institute

– completed November 6, 2021

Dissertation title: An Exploration of the Lived Experience of CIS women with Transgender Partners. 

Master of Arts, Marital and Family Therapy – Alliant International University – May 2011
Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy/Eastern Thought-Minor Religions Studies/Eastern Thought 

– California State University, Northridge 2007