Diana Lozoya — she/her/hers

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MA, LMFT #122981

Are you looking for a warm, non-judgmental space where you can work through the hard parts of your life? As your therapist, I’ll collaborate with you to create a safe space for your authentic self to grow. I work with individuals, couples, and families to help empower them in envisioning the life they want for themselves. I can utilize my knowledge of therapeutic skills and techniques to support you in your goals, while also recognizing that you are the expert of your own life and the most valuable resources are the strengths and resilience you already possess. I’m here to walk with you in your journey to a more fulfilling reality.

I’ve worked with clients from a diverse range of ages, sexual, romantic, and gender orientations, and ethnicities. I take pride in providing LGBTQIAP Affimative and ace/poly friendly therapy. I also understand that not all members of a community are the same. However you identify, I look forward to taking the time to learn about what makes you unique.

I am here to support you in getting what you want out of therapy — be it coping and communication skills, an outlet to process and express trauma, facilitation of conversation and connection between partners, or just somewhere to talk. Some specialties include: anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues, life transitions, and personal growth.

Qualifications and Training:

Years in Practice: 6 Years
School: Alliant International University
Degree: M.A. of Couple and Family Therapy
License and State:
122981 California
Supervisor: Donna Chapman
Supervisor License: 83943 California
August 2018 – DBT Skills Training Group Facilitator
January 2019 – Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship, with Dr. Sue Johnson
September 2020 – EMDR Therapy Basic Training, with Alicia Avila, LCSW

Additional Credentials:

Certificate: LGBT- Affirmative Psychotherapy
Certificate Date: 2016
Membership: California Association for Marriage & Family Therapy
Member Since: 2015

Kwilanzo Amitai-Crawford — they/he

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT #147480

Have you ever felt invisible? Even to the people who matter to you most? Are you interested in making a change in your life? Or finding/creating the new you? I believe that we are all on our own heroic journey in search of our own unique calling. My passion is to assist you in your journey and to help you discover the treasures buried within you.

I am an Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist registered with the California Behavioral Board of Science and a Mental Health Life Coach. I am also transgender and a retired combat vet. The majority of my work has been with the LGBTQI+ community, veterans and their families. I also have experience working with individuals and families in the BDSM/Kink/Poly communities.

As a therapist I work with individuals, couples and groups within the state of California to work through trauma, understand learned behavior problems, and make desired changes. As a life coach I help folks from all over problem solve, set and accomplish future goals.

I am dedicated to the fulfillment of life; where will yours take you? How can I be of service?


What are the differences between a coach, consultant, and therapist?

A therapist focuses on the past and delves into psychological issues that require specialized training in dealing with trauma or mental health issues.

A consultant is typically an expert in a specific industry or business sector. For example a marketing consultant might answer your branding questions and even implement specific tactics for you.

A coach has specialized knowledge on how to help clients focus on the future. They serve as a sounding board for you to define your wants and desires. With a coach as your accountability partner, you discover your passion, values, and strengths and create your best life.


Qualifications and Training:

Years in Practice:
8 Years
School: Antioch University LA

Year Graduated: 2016
License and State: LMFT #147480 California

2019 – Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship, with Susan Johnson completed
Basic DBT Skills Training Group Facilitator and therapist completed
2020 – EMDR Basic Training completed

Miguel A. Duarte — he/him

Associate clinical social worker, ACSW 110156

Whether you are new to therapy or have experience using therapeutic skills, I understand it can be a challenge to reach out and I am happy to offer my support. I value providing a safe, genuine space for exploration and connection. My belief is that circumstances are unique to each person and deserve to be approached in a manner that best fits the individual. My goal is to assist you in a way that is sustainable and that promotes growth in your relationships, community, and everyday life.    

My background as a queer, Mexican American drives my passion for working with a diverse population while validating their culture and experiences. I focus on utilizing values and strengths to actualize goals with my clients. I also encourage an ongoing mind and body connection throughout the process. My training includes Gender Affirming Care, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Crisis Intervention, DBT, and CBT which I have used in my work with transitional aged youth, teens, and adults. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in connecting.


Qualifications and Training:

Years in Practice:
2 Years

School: San Diego State University
Year Graduated: 2022
License and State: ACSW 110156 California
Supervisor: Donna Chapman, LMFT, MA
Supervisor License: 83943 California

Dennis Hong — he/him/his

Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, AMFT #122355

Are you looking for someone who “gets it”? First and foremost, I am a practitioner of collaborative therapy. I believe that you are the expert in your own life, and it is not my role to tell you what’s wrong and what to fix. Rather, I am here to listen to you and to help you develop the solutions that work best for you.

My professional focus is on relationships that fall beyond the norms dictated by our society.  Perhaps you and your partner decline to check the simplified boxes of “male” or “female.” Perhaps you are exploring consensual non-monogamy. Perhaps your relationship unit is more than a couple. Perhaps you are experimenting with kink or power dynamics. Or perhaps all of the above. I am polyam- and kink-aware, and an LGBTQ+ ally.

If your relationship preferences are non-conforming or just not labelable, you may face challenges in understanding and acceptance from friends and loved ones, counseling professionals, or maybe even yourself. My goal is to help you manage these challenges coming from the outside while working on and strengthening your relationship from the inside.

Qualifications and Training:

Years in Practice: 3 Year
School: San Diego State University
Year Graduated: 2020
License and State: Associate MFT 122355 California
Supervisor: Donna Chapman, LMFT, MA
Supervisor License: 83943 California

Additional Credentials:

August 2021 – EMDR Basic Training
November 2022 – Emotionally Focused Therapy, EFT Externship
January 2023 – Dialectical Behavior Therapy, DBT, Intensive

Elvina Inzano They/She

Marriage & Family Therapist Associate, AMFT #130331

Looking for a compassionate, understanding therapist who can work with you to find where you are ready to heal and grow? You are welcome here. I am ready to support you in better understanding yourself and the forces that have shaped you. From there, I will help you build upon the stories that empower you, learn new skills for personal and interpersonal fulfillment, and discharge past experiences that have been stuck in your body. We all deserve the right to live our lives liberated from the reactive survival responses of trauma.


Who am I? I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist registered with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. As a transgender, non-binary person, I am a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. I strive to provide understanding, non-stigmatizing services to all my clients. I see you. I know how painful it can be to be unseen and misunderstood.

I provide individual and relationship counseling. Approaches I use include Narrative Therapy, DBT, EFT, IFS, and Mindfulness, which allow me to craft therapy to your goals. I have utilized art, nature connection, and other non-traditional modalities. For every problem and oppressive force we face there is a creative response. Find yours.

Qualifications and Training:

Years in Practice: 3 Years
School: Louis & Clark College, Portland OR
Year Graduated: July 2021
License and State: AMFT 130331 California
Supervisor: Donna M Chapman, Ph.D. LMFT
Supervisor License: 81943, California

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